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    The function and purpose of Kriterium

    Kriterium is a portal for review, publication and dissemination of high-quality academic books, in accordance with the principles for open access. Kriterium is a quality label for Swedish academic books.All books with the Kriterium label will be freely available through open access, in print as well as online.


    Here you will find answers to frequently asked questions.

    Books as a stronger medium through peer review…

    Our offer of a clear and qualitative certification of academic books is intended to strengthen them as a medium for academic publishing. Books are an important publication form for researchers from a range of disciplines, but are sometimes disregarded since they currently do not undergo the same kind of overt quality review that journal articles do.

    Kriterium labelling intends to address this issue by offering a clear stamp of approval
    that indicates the good quality of a work and its satisfactory academic level. This will be achieved through peer review by mutually independent reviewers, according to clear criteria. The goal is to both improve the status of books as a medium in Sweden and, within an international perspective, to certify the quality of Swedish research results using the same method as other countries.

    ...and open access publication

    As part of Kriterium, all books will be freely available, digitally through open access; a crucial aspect of future academic publishing. Open access research helps ensure better dissemination and serves as a complement to printed books. Kriterium enables researchers to live up to the ideal of open access, easily and without any compromise in quality. Titles will be collected on the website www.kriterium.se, and in addition they can be accessed through the publisher or the publication series behind the book. Authors are encouraged to include their titles in the digital archives of the university library (e.g. DiVA, LUP, GUP). All books are published open access via OAPEN (Open Access Publishing in European Networks) and DOAB (Directory of Open Access Books). Kriterium e-books are also made available through JSTOR, a non-profit organization with the task of creating and maintaining a reliable archive of important scientific journals and books and providing access to them. The content of JSTOR spans many disciplines, mainly in the humanities and social sciences. JSTOR currently contains about 100,000 e-books and collaborates with libraries, publishers and researchers worldwide.

    Kriterium: not a publisher, but a mark of quality

    Kriterium is not a publisher; it is a mark of quality. Formally, Kriterium is a series in which publication always occurs in collaboration with another publisher. The titles included in Kriterium are also simultaneously published through another established channel: a university series, a commercial publisher or another academic series. These channels handle the practical aspects of publishing, while Kriterium supplies and manages the academic quality review.

    Collaboration among several universities

    Kriterium is a collaboration between universities and publishers and the National Library of Sweden, and is also supported by the Swedish Research Council and the Riksbankens Jubileumsfond. Contributing institutions in the steering group are Dalarna University, Gothenburg University, Karlstad University, Linköping University, Linnaeus University, Lund University, Malmö University, Mälardalen University College, Stockholm University, Södertörn University, Umeå University, Uppsala University and Örebro University. Representative publishers are Nordic Academic Press and Makadam publishers. The universities also participate with their university series..

    Despite the fact that just a few universities have initiated the project, it will be open as a publication channel for academic books from all institutions of higher education. Kriterium is primarily intended for research and researchers with a Swedish connection, and will focus particularly on upholding the tradition of academic books published in Sweden. Initially, Kriterium is aimed primarily at researchers within humanities and social sciences. The range of languages and subject areas could be expanded.

    Objectives of Kriterium

    Kriterium is a portal for review, publication and dissemination of high-quality academic books, in accordance with the principles of open access. Kriterium focuses primarily on research and researchers with a Swedish connection, and it will particularly aim to uphold the tradition of academic books published in Sweden. The goal for writers and reviewers, the national and international academic community, research organisations and sources of funding is to regard both the review process and the books published through Kriterium as a way to maintain high academic standards. This includes the use of various bibliometric indicators to evaluate Swedish research publications. This will contribute to a continued respect for academic books as an important form of scientific communication – within academia, and in society in general.

    Another objective of Kriterium is to uphold such values over time, and gradually utilise the collected expertise to expand and improve its activities.

    Policies and general guidelines

    Kriterium works to achieve its goals by
    • providing a common national mark of quality for peer-reviewed academic books;
    • striving for a high level of visibility, dissemination and recognition of both Kriterium itself and of individual works in both digital open access format and in print;
    • publishing academic books according to established open access principles;
    • working for increased open access publication of quality academic books, standing for a clear quality label within open access publication of scholarly works;
    • collaborating with university-affiliated book series and academically-oriented publishing houses regarding the publication and distribution of Kriterium books in printed form;
    • being non-commercial, and instead controlled by researchers in collaboration with Swedish universities, national research organisations and sources of research funding;
    • maintaining, making available and safeguarding the quality of the academic peer review process;
    • creating openly available and enduring general principles and details of the peer review process.
    • being a network of expertise and a source of influence regarding questions about the infrastructure for academic publication, in general and more specifically for publication in book form under the open access principles for monographs and anthologies;
    • active contribution to the preservation of academic traditions and the unique aspects of academic book publishing within the framework of qualitative academic book series with unique ISSN numbers, which includes Kriterium.


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